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June 28th:
All crystal bracelets have been repriced to $40 to match the lower price available in my Etsy shop.

In an effort to increase my focus on fantasy jewelry, I'm now clearing out a lot of beautiful items that just don't quite fit. To see what's on sale, either browse the categories, or do a search for "clearance."

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I use a wide variety of materials in my jewelry. I realize that sometimes I toss beading terms around willy-nilly and this may leave you confused as to what exactly I'm talking about. To help avoid confusion, and to spread a little knowledge around, I've created this section to explain beads both common and unusual.

This section is under construction. Be sure to check back often for updates!

Seed Beads

Seed beads are not those little apple-seed looking things from Hawaii. They are actually glass beads as small as tiny seeds. They come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and shapes. Although several countries produce seed beads, I only use beads made in either Japan or the Czech Republic.

Japanese seed beads are by far the most uniform on the market. There are several sub-types of these, based on size, shape, and the factory that makes them. On my site you will find Japanese seed beads of the standard "round" shape (actually closer to a rounded short tube) in 3 different sizes, hex-cut shape in 2 or 3 sizes, triangle shape in 1 size, and drop beads in 1 size. I also have some Japanese cube beads, but they're languishing unused right now.

Delicas are a slightly more squared standard seed bead made in Japan. They are very uniform and have large holes, which makes them ideal for projects where I have to go back through the beads several times.

Czech seed beads are less uniform than Japanese beads. They have a flatter, more "donuty" shape. The edges are also a little more rounded than Japanese seed beads. Because of this, they have a nicer flow and drape when used in fringe or strands of seed beads. I do not use very many special shapes of Czech beads, but I do use Charlottes and 3 cuts, which have tiny facets that add extra sparkle.

Czech Glass

Glass beads made in the Czech Republic. Also sometimes called Czech Pressed Glass because they are made by pressing molten glass into a mold. These beads come in many shapes, from simple rounds to fancy leaves and flowers. They are a staple in my strung work, and also a popular accent for woven jewelry.

Fire Polished Beads are a subset of Czech Glass. These are beads which are faceted, then heated to soften the edges just a bit, leaving them sparkly, but smooth and comfortable on the skin. Some people mistakenly refer to them as crystal, but they do not have the lead content for this designation.

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