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June 28th:
All crystal bracelets have been repriced to $40 to match the lower price available in my Etsy shop.

In an effort to increase my focus on fantasy jewelry, I'm now clearing out a lot of beautiful items that just don't quite fit. To see what's on sale, either browse the categories, or do a search for "clearance."

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Belen-Gaard - Not for sale

This necklace is inspired by -- and named in honor of -- the song "Belen-Gaard" by The Moors. It stands as proof-positive that bat jewelry doesn't have to be overtly Gothic or Halloween-y.

The focal lampworked bead is by Lois Oster in beautiful earthy shades of green and blue, with touches of ivory, brown, and clear. I love the shape and texture of this bead; it looks like some sort of faerie treasure. Hanging from the bottom is a carved boxwood bat. I also love the bat, he's so cute with his beady black eyes, and the curve of his wings is very graceful. The hole placement was tricky, however, and this was the solution I came up with. The fun part is that when I walk, he swings to and fro, so it looks like he's flying around (if you use a little imagination, which I frequently do).

The strung necklace features beautiful rice-shaped sardonyx, rectangles of lab-grown tourmaline, Swarovski crystals, and lampworked accents by Lois Oster. The deep, warm browns of the sardonyx perfectly compliment the hints of brown in the lampwork, and serve as a nice neutral to pull the other colors together.

Created in October 2007.

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