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Latest update!

June 28th:
All crystal bracelets have been repriced to $40 to match the lower price available in my Etsy shop.

In an effort to increase my focus on fantasy jewelry, I'm now clearing out a lot of beautiful items that just don't quite fit. To see what's on sale, either browse the categories, or do a search for "clearance."

Check my Etsy shop (linked below) for Daily Specials.

Postal rate increases got you down? Never fear, Erthe Fae Designs still offers free US shipping.

For complete news and other cool stuff, be sure to visit my blog daily.

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Tribal Strands - Not for sale

This is a necklace which I made to wear with my tribal-style belly dance clothing. Once I started it, I kind of went overboard with accents... there were just so many beads I wanted to use! The materials include:
-Japanese seed beads in 3 colors
-Small carved wooden skulls
-A bottle pendant made out of what looks like two Arabic coins
-Fire polished glass beads
-Swarovski crystals
-Bronze-y freshwater pearls
-Stone beads, including malachite and turquoise
-Coral cubes
-A cowrie shell
-Those weird black beads with rhinestones on them
-And much more!

I've worn it to Ren Faire and also sometimes wear it out "just because" though I can't keep it on for an entire day... it's too heavy!

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