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Phoenix Feathers - $100

The Phoenix is a mystical bird which is reborn from its own funeral pyre. Associated with the gods Re and Apollo, it is the symbol of immortality and rebirth. In China, the Phoenix is known as Feng-huang and is the personification of heaven. Legends say that there is only one Phoenix at a time -- this makes it very difficult to acquire Phoenix feathers with which to adorn oneself. Sadly, most women must content themselves with artistic copies.

This homage to the beautiful plumage of the Phoenix is created with Japanese seed beads in fiery hues, and four colors of Swarovski crystals. The sparkle of the crystals evokes the flicker of the flames from which the Phoenix arises. The shape of the feathery fringe evokes the peacock plumes of Feng-huang's tail. Fit for an empress, a priestess, even a minor goddess -- though the artist suspects that major goddesses can probably get their hands on genuine Phoenix Feathers.

Phoenix Feathers is adjustable from 13-14 1/2" inches. The central fringe is just over 4" long. The choker fastens securely with a button-and-loop clasp which features a red and gold paisley vintage glass button.

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