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Dark Jester -- Clearance - $75

In the court of a wicked monarch, the dark jester frolics to and fro in his black and blue motley, making barbed comments about the assembled nobles. His twisted countenance hides the sharpest wit in the kingdom, and few realize that he is not just an entertainer, but a spy and an adviser.

Ann "Schermo" Baldwin's freeform lampworked beads take many shapes. This one reminds me of a jester cap. Blue, black, and a touch of white swirl together, creating a turbulent image. I've accented the bead with vintage-style black glass and a variety of sapphire blue beads, including Czech crystals and unusual pressed glass. Spheres of Sterling Silver create points of light which highlight the design. Will you pull a few pranks while wearing this necklace, or just smile knowingly as your friends gaze on in envy?

Dark Jester measures 19" long. It fastens securely with a Sterling Silver spiral motif toggle which perfectly echoes the swirls in the glass.

On Clearance. Was $100, now $75.


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