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Queen of a Forgotten Era -- Clearance - $50

A queen sits on a throne of tarnished bronze, her imperious gaze sliding across her subjects. Her jewels and gown sparkle equally, making her the envy of all the ladies of the realm.


She steps out of the limo and into the light of dozens of flashbulbs; it's the first time many of her fans have seen her in living color. She's a star of the silent film era, and just as gorgeous in person as she is on the screen.

Those are the two images that this necklace brings to mind for me. What stories will you weave around it?

The focal point here is a set of lampworked beads by Tucson artist Margaret Zinser, black with sparkling bronze mottling. They're perfectly accented by vintage bronze iris faceted glass beads, and Swarovski crystals in bronze-washed black. The colors compliment each other perfectly, for a harmonious bronze effect.

Queen of a Forgotten Era measures just under 15" long. It fastens securely with a Vermeil hook clasp.

On Clearance. Was $75, now $50.

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