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Faerie Bride - $65

Superstition says that the bride shouldn't wear green on her wedding day, lest the faeries carry her away. Well, I say maybe the bride and the groom should both wear green and enjoy a honeymoon in the otherworld! As long as they pack their own food, they should have an enchanting time.

For the record, I was unaware of this superstition when I was wed, and my wedding dress was very green. I guess we don't have many faeries in Tucson, because no abduction attempts were made.

This necklace, fit for a bride either human or fae, is strung on delicate Sterling Silver chain. It features three lampworked beads by Lois Oster of Wolf Song Designs, rare "mother of pearl" glass accented with metallic green swirls. The pendant consists of one of these beads and a beautiful pendant by Heidi Viau of Lillpilly Designs, shimmering white hammershell with green floral patterns. These gorgeous artist beads are perfectly accented by glass, crystals, and Sterling Silver flower beads. Simply delightful!

Faerie Bride measures 16 1/2" long with a 2" long pendant. It fastens securely with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp. All findings are Sterling Silver.

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