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Sylvan Jewels - $140

According to "The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries" the Sylvan Elves tend to the gardens of the Lands Below (where the fae folk live). I imagine that if such an elf were to get all dressed up for the Sidhe Royal Ball, she might very well complete her outfit with a necklace like this. An elegant beaded net of Japanese seed beads in matte olivine and shimmering sage is perfectly accented by a variety of pleasing beads. Vintage glass leaves, Swarovski crystals, pearlized firepolished glass, and Thai Hill Tribe silver* leaves all evoke the natural world as they dangle from the very tips of the necklace. Only faerie magic could make real leaves in these hues, so mortals like use shall have to remain content glass and metal!

Sylvan Jewels measures 13" long. It fastens securely with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp with a leaf motif, accented by a single faceted peridot stone.

*The silver content of Thai silver varies between approximately 95-99%.

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