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Dryad Couture - $150

Most dryads clothe themselves simply in the leaves of their trees, if they wear anything at all. But occasionally, you might encounter a dryad with a taste for high fashion. Such a spirit might wear a necklace like this, the natural inspiration still apparent in the leaves and vines, but with colors rarely found in nature. Woven from Japanese seed beads in delicate golden and copper hues and accented by a single freshwater pearl, this stunning choker reminds me of high-quality vintage costume jewelry.

The leafy centerpiece is woven and stitched together using Barbara Grainger's peyote leaf instructions. It has an almost orchid-like shape to it, and has quite a bit of dimension and textural appeal.

Dryad Couture measures 15" long and has a slight bit of stretch to it. It fastens securely with a button-and-loop clasp featuring a sparkling shell button.

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