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Fire Dancer - $175

This is another one of those necklaces which makes me think about dancing around a bonfire! The deep black of night, the smoldering oranges of the flames, and lots of glitter for the sparks, plus fringe for the movement of the dancers. Woven from high-quality Japanese seed beads in 3 sizes and 5 colors, including the "magic-lined" dichroic seed beads, this lariat is then accented by two lampworked beads by Robert Jennik and a smattering of Fire Opal Swarovski crystals. Lariats can be worn in a wide variety of ways, the one shown here was just the easiest to display! Fire Dancer is a stunning, eye-catching necklace designed for a bold woman.

Fire Dancer measures approximately 36" long, plus 3 3/4" of accent and fringe on each end. Because it is metal-free, it is ideal for those with metal allergies. It has no clasp, as it is designed to be tied, looped, or dangled instead. A slender lady could even wear it as a belt!

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