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Caribbean Spirit - $135

The colors in this necklace remind me of the pictures I've seen of the Caribbean, the aquatic blues and greens so brilliant that they take my breath away. I can only imagine what it must be like to see it in person!

The focal point here is a beautiful lampworked bead by Giggling Grizzly, created in the shape of a ethereal winged woman. I see her as the elemental embodiment of the tropical ocean, rising resplendent from the waters. Her gently matted Capri and aqua-green colors are echoed throughout the necklace, which is woven from three colors of Japanese seed beads. The accents are a wide variety of Czech glass in tranquil aquatic hues. An assortment of sizes, shapes and cuts add visual and textural interest.

I call this style of necklace a "strand collage" as each strand coordinates with the other to make a cohesive whole. The woven base is meant to be worn choker-tight against the neck, and the lower strands may be worn neatly cascading, or artfully tangled. It looks far more stunning on than in the picture!

Carribean Spirit is adjustable from 13 1/2-14 1/2" long. The accent strands range from 16-25" long, and the focal is 2" long. It fastens securely with a button-and-loop clasp which features an iridescent aqua blue glass button.

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