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Lady Ghost - $200

Imagine, if you will, that you're in an old manor house, maybe somewhere in England, where the houses are really old. It's late at night, you're exploring, enjoying the architecture and the furnishings, when a figure steps not out of the doorway, but through the door. You're faced by an apparition, the ghost of a lady from bygone years, and she's wearing this necklace.

The elegant shades of grey and the Victorian styling of this piece remind me of a regal spectre. The focal is a vintage glass cabochon, mirrored silvery-grey, its swirling pattern like a portal into the underworld. It is framed by an assortment of grey and silver Japanese seed beads, then set in the center of a stunning necklace. Vintage glass, Swarovski crystals, and Japanese seed beads all combine to pull the look together. You may not be one of the restless dead, but you'll certainly feel like nobility when you wear this necklace!

Lady Ghost measures just under 15" long and has been carefully designed to hang just right against the counters of your neck. It fastens securely with a button-and-loop closure which features a vintage marcasite-colored glass button with an eldritch floral starburst pattern.

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