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Leaf Fall -- Clearance - $25

Living as I do in the desert, I rarely get to enjoy the seasonal changes, like the first robin of Spring or the changing colors of Autumn. Every now and then, however, I visit NY in October and I see that riot of color, and the leaves that flutter to the ground to blow hither and thither until diligent homeowners break out their rakes. Otherwise, I have to content myself with beaded representations of Fall, such as this one. A topaz-hued glass leaf pendant is joined by light topaz Czech glass; sun Swarovski crystals; two vintage orange-swirled-clear lampworked beads; and best of all, a full dozen vintage, shockingly-bright orange glass leaf beads! I believe that in nature, this shade of orange probably only occurs in the most vibrant marigolds, yet it still evokes the Autumn feeling perfectly! And best of all, no rake required!

Leaf Fall measures 15" long with a 2" long pendant. It fastens securely with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp.

On clearance. Was $35, now $25.

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